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March 28, 2015
March 28, 2015
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Levelautomatic Shark


Advanced, automatic water refill for freshwater or saltwater aquarium with perialistic pump build in.

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Levelautomatic Shark – Automatic water refill for freshwater or saltwater aquarium is the next evolution product range of Aqua Trend.
The device is distinguished by its modern design and innovative technology solutions. Traditional float switches are replaced by moisture detectors that detect the presence of water through the sump or aquarium glass (maximum thickness of glass is 10mm). Maximum safety and unparalleled reliability was reached by eliminating mechanical parts.
The refill is equipped with two detection sensors. One of them is used to control the water level in the tank, and the other works as a protection. The refill also has a siren that warns you if a safe level of water was exceeded.
There is an optional possibility to connect third sensor that will inform the user about ending reserve of water in the tank, from which it is drawn.
At any time, you can manually run the water pouring through the button located on the panel of the housing.
The device is equipped with a quiet peristaltic pump with efficiency 0,5 gal per hour. Pump can “suck” water from RO reservoir tank placed up to 20 foot away from main tank (sump). Peristaltic pump can run dry so even if for some reason reservoir tank is empty it would not damage the pump.
The whole modern system was enclosed in attractive satin aluminum housing.
Principle of operation:
The device is equipped with two detection sensors, which are fixed to the glass (outside the aquarium or sump) using double-sided tape.
The first sensor controls the operation of peristaltic pump. When the preset water level is low, the device switches the pump on and supplements the evaporated water to a fixed level.
The second sensor acts as a protection of the first one in case of its failure. The level of water rising beyond the desired level triggers the second sensor that locks the pump. This state is indicated by illumination of the red LED “critical level” and by starting an acoustic signal.
By placing it on the floor on a glass or plastic plate, the emergency sensor can also be used as an anti-flooding sensor,
There is an optional ability to connect the third-detection sensor that can be placed on the tank from which water is drawn. It will notify the user by acoustic signal about ending reserve of water. The users can manually add water to the tank by the button placed on the panel housing.


Power supply: 110V AC
Power consumption: 5W
Case Size: 4,72″ x 4,33″ x 2.08″
Detection sensor size: 0,78″ x 1,18″ x 0,19″

*The product comes with a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty

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