”As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible
and is therefore full of deep significance” - Bill Watterson

from design...

We don’t only build aquariums, we can provide you with the complete build process from an idea in your head to “water in your tank”, no matter how unique your idea is we can adopt to it.

...to finish

All our products are hand-crafted from scratch to match your existing design no matter living room or office. If your project requires a designer or architect support is not a problem, we work with the relevant people.

I have been in the saltwater hobby for over 20 years, and building custom aquariums for 15 years+. I am owner/operator of Reefomania Co. founded in 2004. Our main area of expertise is creating custom aquarium setups. We specialize in European style rimless, shallow tanks and modern furnitures built to match custom interiors. My goal is to bring you high-end quality aquariums at a competitive price.

We are also exclusive dealer of two European companies for United States and Canada. The Preis Aquaristik KG and Aqua-Trend. Preis Aquaristik is a solid based German company with high quality products operating on European market over 45 years. More information about the products and company you can find on www.preis-aquaristik.de Aqua-Trend is a well established company with a large line of high quality products. This includes a variety of peristaltic dosing pump specially designed for the aquarium enthusiast. This pumps dosage starts from 0.1ml… yes correct 0.1ml ! We're working hard to get more products from Aqua-Trend than Doser ONE Evo because their products are certainly worth bringing attention to.

Customer Satisfaction is only option...
Over 20 years of experience